The Advanced Guide To Perfecting A Basic Smokey Eye Look


The basic smokey eye look has been a staple in the beauty industry for years now. It is the go-to look for evenings, parties, and other special occasions. But learning the ropes is not as simple as it seems. The gradient of colours, meticulous blending, and choosing the right shades can be a chore. That’s where our advanced guide comes in – to help you master the art of the perfect smokey eye!

Understanding the Smokey Eye Look

The foundation of a perfect basic smokey eye look lies in understanding what it represents. The "smokey" part is metaphorical, representing the soft diffusion of colours; there are no harsh lines or clear-cut divisions among the shades. The blending of the colours, typically from darkest at the lash line to lightest at the brow bone, gives an almost ethereal shadow effect, hence, the smokey look.

Choosing the Right Eyeshadow Shades for Your Smokey Eye Look

One of the most crucial components of a smokey eye look is the selection of the right eyeshadow shades. Subtle gradient and colour harmony are essential. One cannot simply dab dark and light colours onto the lids and hope for a smokey effect. Here’s our guide to choosing the right shades:

Neutral Smokey Eye: For those who prefer a softer look, opting for neutral, earthy shades like browns, taupes, creams, and soft golds can give you that perfect, sultry neutral eye.

Monochrome Smokey Eye: Opt for a monochrome look using different shades of a single colour. Keep the darker tones on the lid, blending upwards with lighter tones for a polished appearance.

Classic Black Smokey Eye: Go all out with a classic, bold black smokey eye – intense and mysterious. Be cautious of blending; the gradient cannot be too drastic or too subtle for this one.

Creating the Perfect Blend for Your Smokey Eye Look

The key factor in achieving a fantastic smokey eye look is blending. It requires a meticulous progression from dark to light.

Step 1: Begin with the darkest shade on the lower lid. Use a dense eyeshadow brush to deposit the colour.

Step 2: Move upwards, applying a medium tone with a blending brush, merging it with the darker shade.

Step 3: Lastly, apply a light shade on the brow bone, blending it with the medium tone.

Step 4: Keep the blend going until there’s a smooth transition between the colours without any clear demarcation.

Enhancing the Smokey Eye Look with Eyeliner

A smokey eye can be enhanced with the use of eyeliner, both on the top lash line and waterline. The liners, along with mascara, can add accent and definition to the eyes, making them stand out.

Last Touches to Your Smokey Eye Look

Once the blending is done to perfection, some final touches can elevate the entire facial aesthetic. Consider applying a glossy, pale shade on the inner corner of eyes to make them pop. Contouring the lids can also add depth to the eyes, giving a multi-dimensional impact.


While mastering the basic smokey eye look can seem daunting, it’s achievable with the right techniques, tools, and colours. Our advanced guide can assist in creating that perfect, sultry smokey eye that turns heads wherever you go. Remember, practise makes perfect. So, keep trying until you outshine the stars!

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