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Building Your Home PageGeneral Tips
• To start the Home page, simply create a Page named Home (or any name) and select the Template Page Home Page from the Editor Page Attributes > Template. This will now be your Static Home Page. The same can be done for Contact Us Page and Reviews Page and Full Width Page by selecting the Template with that name.• Any text or images you add to the Home Page in the Editor will show below Partnerships, in the bottom left section of your new homepage.*
• All other components are altered in the Theme Options and in Customizer. Note: Some options, like images, phone, email, etc. are located in the Customizer.Home page top banner above menu uses img tag wrapped in an anchor link.
• Field 1 can be text or link or <img>.
• Field 2 is <img> (leave blank for text).
<a href=[ field 1 ] title=[ field 1 ]><img src=[ field 2 ] alt=[ field 1 ] /></a>
Adding Reviews Add reviews with any page by using the Review Page Template. You can create a page called Reviews then select Reviews Page from Template dropdown list on page editor meta box below the update button. Use a Blockquote around your review text. Adding Social Links to Menu Navigate to: Appearance > Menus. Then create your links using the Custom Links panel to left of Menu Structure panel. Save accordingly. About Hiding TilesBy hiding titles of posts/pages, your titles can be added from your Editor to give better SEO URLs and puts title where you want it in the article. (Use h1, h2, h3. h3 is pre styled [best choice].) The Editor Title box will be the page name.
Home Page Map/Layout
TabSection of Home PageAdjacent Objects tab= Home Page SettingsNavigation Banner Header(phone,email) in customizer CustomizerHome Page Slideshow (3 images) (button) in customizer tab= Home Page TopPitch Headings & Text tab= Home Page TopCircular Pics in Pitch boxes(Video) in [widgets] tab= Home Page MiddleBullets/Chevron List3 Panels next to lists tab= Home Page Bottom1 heading – 2 text box below listsPhone in customizer (auto set) tab= Home Page BottomPartnerships/Sponsors/WorkLogos upload in Customizer Page Editor*Main Content – (Home)Reviews in tab= Home Page Bottom
*Page in Pages Editor named ‘Home.’

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