VertyCal Scheduler

Scheduler Plugin for WordPress

Plugin Name: VertyCal

VertyCal, the unique vertically aligned scheduling application allows you to turn your WordPress site into a fully functional, fast loading and secure date/time based tracking and documentation tool. Choose what to display to the public or keep private only. All the front-side input functions restricted to logged in users only.

Vertical alignment of listings makes for very convenient mobile or tablet orientation and orders them in a manner which makes it more human readable than most boxed-in type calendars. No clutter or waste of screen space. Just your scheduled items in an easy to read layout.

Each row starts as Date, Time, Title of event, then a truncated line of Notes to fit screen; with a popup to get quick views. And then a View Full Page link with Progress itemization at the end of the row.


  • Display your agenda or service calls in a list style
  • Add a date, time, notes with map-able address and dial contact
  • Easy access front-end sections for Scheduler, Add New and Options
  • Full size clock with seconds, displays well on cellular phones
  • Select month and year with jQuery Datepicker
  • Add time to date as well
  • Options page to select various functions
  • Secure front-side log in script
  • Mobile layout primary design
  • Export all scheduled tasks
  • Add notation for each entry and edit if admin
  • Update notation, delete entry, view notation options
  • Entry can only be appended if you are logged in
  • Entries can be viewed without login
  • Vertical display of dates works very nicely on a mobile device.
  • Customize the public options page to cater to your needs.

User can mark a project or service call complete from the front end.

Setup is a breeze with the integrated control panel.

Safely and without distraction of using the more complex administrative pages of this plugin. Automatic email will be sent to the administrative email when a call is marked complete

No learning curve and documentation is easy to follow. Full control over what gets displayed to the public and what gets displayed to the logged in users.

VertyCal Scheduling plugin for WordPress is not a native mobile app and is designed to work best while user is logged in to the website hosting the plugin. We know that most all US States have outlawed using a mobile device while driving, so please do not expect the user’s of VertyCal to have full control of the assets and or the more sophisticated functions that are available as a desktop user will have.