7 Proven Techniques to Perfect Wedding Makeup for Green Eyes

Wedding Makeup for Green Eyes: An Overview

Green eyes, a captivating rarity globally, deserve to be spotlighted, especially on your big day. This article provides seven proven techniques to perfect wedding makeup for green eyes, making them twinkle more brilliantly than ever.

The Essence of Color Theory

Prior to getting into the nitty-gritty, it’s critical to grasp color theory. The color wheel is a makeup artist’s greatest ally. Complementary colors, located directly opposite each other on the wheel, can enhance each other when paired. For green eyes, hues of red, pink, and purple are ideal complements.

Eye Shadow Selection

The correct eye shadow is vital to highlight green eyes. Colors such as burgundy, plum, rose gold, and copper are perfect for providing depth and dimension to green eyes.

Developing an Eye-Catching Look

Start with a clean, primed eyelid to ensure makeup longevity. Apply a light pink or nude base color across the lid. Next, use a deep plum or burgundy shade in the crease for depth. Blend this well to avoid harsh lines. To add sparkle, apply a shimmering rose gold or copper shade on the lid center.

Green Eye Eyeliner Techniques

For eyeliner, favor brown or deep plum shades over black for a gentler appearance. You can also try a smudged liner look using dark eyeshadow for a more romantic and sultry effect.

Wedding Makeup for Green Eyes

Mascara and False Lashes

Enhancing your lashes can significantly elevate your eye makeup. Choose a mascara that adds both volume and length. For a more dramatic effect, consider adding false lashes.

Highlighting Techniques

To make your green eyes stand out, highlight the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone with a light shimmer shade. This minor touch can significantly brighten your eyes and create an illusion of larger eyes.

Maintaining Makeup Balance

With bold eye makeup, it’s crucial to maintain balance in the rest of your makeup. Choose a soft blush and a nude or pink lip to let your eyes take center stage.


Essential steps mastering natural wedding eye makeup are all about understanding color theory and striking a balance in your look. With the correct techniques and shades, you can make your green eyes beautifully stand out on your special day.

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