Master the Art of the Hour Glass Eyeliner: The Ultimate Guide


Hour glass eyeliner is an aesthetic make-up trend gracing the beauty world in recent times. This ultimate guide takes you through the thrilling journey of mastering the intricate albeit exquisite hour glass eyeliner. Take your beauty skills up a notch by immersing yourself in the captivating world of the hour glass eyeliner.

Understanding the Hour Glass Eyeliner

Hour glass eyeliner speaks volume about your individual taste and personality. The Hour Glass shape simulates the feminine silhouette, symbolizing elegance and empowerment. Wearing hour glass eyeliner imparts an air of confidence, adding stylish punctuation to any look. Whether you prefer the casual chic or the sophisticated glam, there’s an hour glass eyeliner style to suit every persona.

The Right Tools for Hour Glass Eyeliner

Seminal success with hour glass eyeliner rides on the right beauty tools. High-quality eyeliner pencils pose as phenomenal assets. Their finesse facilitates precise application, letting you achieve the perfect hour glass shape. A smudge-proof formula will ensure longevity. An angled eyeliner brush also proves instrumental when aiming for that sleek line.

Applying the Hour Glass Eyeliner: A Step by Step Guide

Let’s delve into the momentous process of achieving the perfect hour glass eyeliner.

Preparation is key. Beginning with a clean canvas is pivotal for the perfect eyeliner application. Use an eyelid primer to smoothen your lid by eliminating any oil.

<Step 2: Draw the Upper Line>
Anchor your elbow on a surface for support while drawing the top line of the hour glass shape with a slightly upward tilt towards the end.

<Step 3: Create the Lower Line>
Draw another line from the outer corner of your eye, parallel to the first line yet lower on the lashline to establish the hourglass’ bottom side.

<Step 4: Connect and Fill>
Now, it’s time to connect the lines in an hour glass shape and fill to perfection.

<Step 5: Refine and Finish>
Starve off any chance for flaws by using a clean brush to smoothen and finish your look.

Hour Glass Eyeliner for Different Eye Shapes

Hourglass eyeliner is versatile, flattering all eye shapes.

almond eyes can benefit from a broad hourglass shape, elongating the eye, while round eyes look best with thin, elongated hourglass.

Troubleshooting Common Hour Glass Eyeliner Mistakes

Eyeliner application could be a daunting task, more so the hour glass style. Eliminate common hiccups by mastering the following tips:

A consistent hand movement is essential for even lines. Practice until it becomes second nature.

Utilize a setting spray to lock in the eyeliner and prevent smudging.

Achieving symmetrical wings necessitates practice. Use makeup wipes for corrections.


Translate your eyeliner game from bland to glamorous with the hourglass eyeliner. Command attention, make memorable impressions, and let your eyes do the talking. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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