Mastering the Dolly Parton Makeup: A Detailed Tutorial


Dolly Parton, an iconic country singer and songwriter, never fails to captivate audiences worldwide. It is not just her enthralling voice that draws attention but also her distinct, vibrant style. One key element of this style is her effortlessly timeless makeup look.
So get your makeup tool ready as we embark on this comprehensive tutorial on how to achieve the famous Dolly Parton makeup look.

Understanding Dolly’s Makeup Philosophy

Before we dive into the makeup process, it is essential to comprehend Dolly Parton’s makeup philosophy. Her philosophy centers around the belief that there is no such thing as ‘too much.’ Dolly embraces the sparkles, bold colors, and dramatic lashes, making her makeup perceptible even "from afar."

Step-By-Step Dolly Parton Makeup Tutorial

Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you recreate Dolly Parton’s iconic makeup look.

Step One: Prep Your Skin

With any makeup look, the first step is to prep your skin by applying your preferred face cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Prepping your skin ensures you have a clean and hydrated canvas to work on.

Step Two: Primer & Foundation

The second step involves applying a smooth primer followed by a layer of full-coverage foundation. This provides your skin with an even, seamless base, necessary to obtain that glamorous Dolly Parton look.

Step Three: Eye Makeup

Dolly Parton’s look emphasizes bold and daring eye makeup. Start by applying a shimmery eyeshadow base in a neutral hue. Use your palette’s darker shades to create a dramatic smokey eye, ensuring a gradual transition between the colors.

Step Four: Eyeliner & Mascara

The next step is to draw attention to your eyes with thick winged eyeliner and multiple layers of volumizing mascara. Dolly is known for her false lashes but feel free to skip this step if it’s out of your comfort zone.

Step Five: Contour & Highlight

Next, contour the cheekbones and highlight the high points of your face to create the illusion of a more structured face, another signature aspect of Dolly Parton’s makeup look.

Step Six: Bold Lipstick

Finalize the look with a bold pink or red lipstick, a Dolly Parton staple that perfectly complements her vibrant persona.

Step Seven: Setting Spray

Lastly, lock in your look with a setting spray to ensure its longevity.


Mastering the Dolly Parton makeup look requires passion, creativity, and a willingness to ‘go big.’ This detailed tutorial guides you through every step to recreate the iconic look that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Remember, makeup, like music, is an art, and more importantly, a platform for self-expression. So, embrace your colorful side, just like Dolly, and get ready to step into the spotlight.

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